“I am going to eat fast food, drink soda, and rarely exercise for the next 20 years until I have a heart attack and die.”

– No one ever.

“I am going to get married, stop dating and treasuring my wife for the next 10 years until she is so fed up with me she leaves with the kids and half of our possessions.”

-No one ever. 

People don’t set these goals out, yet these are the very goals we achieve as a society. Half of all marriages end in failure, and the number 1 cause of death in America is heart disease.

This is a concept Michael Hyatt calls “The Drift.” Michael and his wife went snorkeling in Hawaii one day, it was like swimming in an aquarium; they couldn’t take their eyes off the wildlife. Never before had they witnessed such purity and interaction between a multitude of species, it was a profound experience. After two-three hours Michael and his wife were ready to swim back to shore. However, when they looked back, they realized the tide had gone out and pulled them more than a mile away from their original location (rookie mistake). Now they were forced to swim for their lives, eventually collapsing on the beach like the ending of Life of Pi (not really but you get what I mean).

At the time, Michael was the President of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the 7th largest publishing literature publishing company grossing over 200+ million every year. It occurred to him that day, as he laid lifeless on the beach, that life is just like a rip tide.

clockIf we are not intentional with our legacy we are leaving behind, our legacy will leave US behind. People don’t accidentally drift into success; it may happen on rare occasions, but the probability is LOW. We have to calibrate our mentality to attract the success, to read the currents and tides of life so that we can maintain our course in every priority. Whether our personal health, family, finances, legacy, passions, etc..

The world is a magnificent place, and just like a rip tide, it will change and force you to move whether you like it or not. Adopting a growth mindset enables us to create the course, not let the course create us. The Drift is real and recognizing its existence is the first step in taking ownership of our lives. It’s no one else’s responsibility but our OWN. You are the most important person in the world. Let’s break out of the Matrix

Our team at Financial Time Traveler are currently developing many courses designed to educate all investors, large or small, on how to consistently be empowered by our finances, not devastated by them. That way The Drift never catches us by surprise, and we can live a life of freedom away from anxiety.

The finance industry has done a great job overcomplicating something that should not be complicated, building wealth and abundance. I can’t wait to break down those walls built by the street (every pun intended). This is my life goal.

Stay tuned!