Friday 5

Last week we rolled out the first post of our Workflow: Friday 5 series where we share our favorite tools, resources, hacks, or whatever else we can use to help us achieve our goals at a faster rate. This is a time machine after all! Seven days have passed (I know you have been waiting on the edge of your seat!) since I briefly broke down the science behind the benefits of listening to music while working, and the observations science has shown. This week, however, we will be shifting gears into our wheelhouse and provide you with our most liked finance apps in no particular order.

If you are not using finance apps in 2016, you are missing out you are not doing it right! Technology has disrupted almost every industry, including finance, and now money management is more seamless than ever before. On the flip side of that coin, however, it has never been so easy to spend on impulse which can completely detour your financial future. Full disclosure, we are not invested or receiving any sponsorship from the apps below (all images taken from the iOS app store).

PocketGuard pocketguardpocketguard 2

PocketGuard (Android, iOS) is a personal budgeting app that is beautiful and easy to use. A lot of these apps are all about which aesthetic you prefer. Of all the budgeting apps this is my personal favorite. The ease of use is right up my alley. It helps me stay on top of my expenses, monthly bills, and savings goals into cool graphs that help keep your nerves and dollars at ease.

Acorns acornsacorns2

Acorns (Android, iOS) is very intriguing to me because after you link the app *securely* to your bank account, it will invest your SPARE CHANGE into a diversified portfolio. I haven’t been able to dig at an extreme amount into the investment allocations, but it looks like straight forward low-cost index style investing. You can set recurring dates where a given amount is deposited into your investment account and watch your progress through their top notch graphics interface. Worth checking out for all of those “I don’t have enough money to invest types.”

Mint mintmint2

This is probably the most famous of the group. Mint (Android, iOS), is designed by the same humans who created your favorite robotic tax guy, TurboTax. The free Mint app helps you budget, spend, and save smarter. You can organize almost any kind of account, whether banking or credit which helps holistically organize your entire financial picture. Their online platform is nice as well, and their interface is arguably the easiest and prettiest… these people should pay me to write these kinds of reviews!

Robinhood Robinhood2Robinhood

First off, how did they manage to claim that name so late into the app game? Anyways… Robinhood (Android, iOS) has a similar aim as Acorns, but achieved in a different fashion. This is more so of a free mobile stock trading platform. You can buy and sell stocks for free, build watch-lists of positions you want to keep an eye on, and execute trades with the push of a thumb (or index if you’re that type). It’s much more robust as a trading platform than Acorns’ as you build your portfolio as opposed to Acorns’ making one for you. My favorite part is the ability to put market, limit, stop loss, stop limit, and good-til-cancel orders (GTC).

Betterment betterment 1betterment 3

Betterment (Android, iOS): Betterment is in a similar lane as Mint and PocketGuard in that it’s functions as a budgeting app more than an investment app. However, unlike Mint and PocketGuard, you can actually manage your portfolio of stocks/bonds. It’s another gorgeous platform that is here to stay. (I am not sure if they have ETFs available for investing, if you know drop some knowledge in the comment section below).

There you have it, put Pokemon GO down for a moment and try a finance app!