According to our good friends over at Google Analytics, our weekly workflow series featuring five of our favorite tools that help us become as efficient and effective as possible when achieving our goals is the most shared content on our site. However, the posts are not simple chronological lists; we discuss the root essence of why these tools are so important and how they impact our workflow.

We have shared how listening to music can increase your output and information retention, as well as our favorite music to play in the office. We posted our favorite finance/investment apps, which can be a game changer for many due to the ease of technology (fintech). Last week, we highlighted five books that will change your life, and why. This week, I wanted to share my five favorite leaders of “Finance Twitter.” It was incredibly difficult for me to narrow down five, as there are a lot of great thinkers who tweet from the hip and update the market in real time.

Before I get into this list, it’s important to note that each handle represents a huge network. For some of them, they are leaders from their own team of equally insightful individuals. If you are smart and pay attention to their interactions, you will quickly figure out who runs Finance Twitter. From there, create a list of these handles so that you can easily access their most recent discussion.

Burt White – @_BurtWhite

burt - 893x475

I had the pleasure of watching Burt give the keynote speech at the LPL Master’s Conference in AZ earlier this year (LPL is the largest independent Broker/Dealer with over 14,000 reps), and within minutes I was sold. Keep this between us, but I pulled my phone out and recorded the audio from his speech, converted the audio into my iTunes, and have probably re-listened 20-30 times, it was that powerful. Burt and his team at LPL Research bring some serious thought leadership to the markets, especially technical insights. What I treasure the most from Burt and his team of @JohnCanally and @RyanDetrick to name a few, is their original and creative play-by-play of the market with charts and data to back it up. You know how SportsCenter rings off crazy stats about a random player or team records and achievements? That’s a great parallel for what you’ll find with Burt and his squad regarding the markets.

Josh Brown – @ReformedBroker

reformed borker

I come from an era in finance where every possible wall has TVs plastered like tacky wallpaper in your Grandmamma’s house, with 90% of them playing CNBC in the morning. Well, as you can see in Josh’s bio, he humbly claims the position of “star of CNBC’s The Halftime Report.” Chances are, if you have ever watched CNBC, you have seen Josh do his thing. He matches a sharp wit with deep knowledge of the markets. There have been several moments where he bogarts the camera and breaks down exactly why he is so convicted over a particular idea, and he transfers his on-air personality to Twitter flawlessly. As the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Barry Ritholtz @ritholtz and his high-level Podcast, Masters in Business, which you can listen to over on Bloomberg’s domain. Great content on that podcast for those who are in search of the root ideas and “people who shape the markets, investing, and business.”

Tasty Trade – @tastytrade


Personally, I like to separate those who I know have walked the walk from those who have read a few books and can talk the talk. That is why I find myself consistently turning to the Tasty Trade team for expert perspectives of technical indicators, specifically surrounding the Options Market. They discuss strategy in depth on their daily live video/podcast program (what do we call it?). Anyways, Tom Sosnoff leads the show with his unique hat. One of my favorite episodes of Tasty Trade is where Tom and his team crunch the numbers and expose a “black swan” hedge fund, led by some very famous finance personalities, for fudging the numbers. I am convinced if you watch and listen to that one episode, you will be hooked as the team flexes their value at the highest levels. In a complex financial environment consisting of trillions of dollars, millions of investment products, and a limited mainstream media, it is absolutely critical we have organizations such as Tasty Trade to hold the proverbial x-ray machine over the industry.

Zero Hedge – @zerohedge

zero hedge

The other guys on this list may not appreciate their names so close to Tyler Durden’s, but tough luck this is my blog! I say that because Zero Hedge (ZH) is the antithesis of the transparent, professional, optimistic market bull and is consistently bearish with a slight shade of conspiracy theory. Their Twitter account and website are run by anonymous writers who work in the finance industry somewhere, and highlight how and why the markets could crash at any minute. As you can see, they have a strong followship (new word) which includes Mark Cuban, Mohamed A. Elron and Bespoke Investments. ZH boasts one of the most read finance websites available to your browser. Personally, I use ZH as a balance between the polar opposites of Bears and Bulls to find a happy medium. I appreciate their incorporation of the overall theme to the movie Fight Club as everyone who posts an article on their site is labeled as “Tyler Durden.” However, they love to share their work which seems to contrast the first rule about fight club…

The Financial Parody Accounts

My apologies for hacking the five count limit and lumping these accounts together, but they are of a similar vein, and I cannot just leave you with one! Having said that, I kept ZH out of this group for a reason and I’ll do you solid and keep it short.


stock cats

I can’t even look at this handle without laughing. Whoever created this account is a serious lover of cats as most of the content is written from a feline perspective personified as a financial expert. Don’t be fooled by the name; the account boasts a solid amount of knowledge concerning the markets which are undeniable to those in the know, hence the follow count.


ramp capital

Full disclosure in case you haven’t guessed, Ramp Capital is not an actual LLC. The account is a running joke surrounding the familiar giggle amongst traders, which implies the market almost always rallies during the last 30 minutes of open market activity. Combining humor with ongoing market commentary, Ramp Capital LLC never breaks the fourth wall.


Wu-Tang Financial

If you are not a hip hop fan, keep scrolling. For me, as a long time hip hop fan, Wu Tang Financial might just be my favorite parody account. This is another anonymous user; the difference here is that “they” tweet using the voice of a Wu-Tang Clan member. To me, it sounds like the RZA combined with Ghostface Killah giving you advice on how to “diversify yo bonds.” With tweets like “CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME EXCEPT WHEN OTHER ASSET CLASSES PROVIDE HIGHER RISK ADJUSTED YIELDS,” it’s tough to ignore the top notch satire material. Oh and then there are pie charts like this… To their defense, they do sprinkle in some authentically robust market charts to the RT generating recipe.

*BONUS FOR ENTREPRENEURS* Gary Vaynerchuk – @garyvee

gary vee

Simply put, if you are an entrepreneur who is not aware of the incredibly dynamic Gary Vaynerchuk, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?

If you feel like I left anyone out, which I definitely did, please let me know in the comment section below!

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