“Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat; repetition is the father of learning.” Dwayne Michael Carter.  

I know what you are thinking as an avid reader of our blog, “Nyle already posted a Friday 5 about music, why is he doing it again?” Well, it is because five albums are not enough to cover our affinity for syncopated rhythms that float through the hallways and earholes of our office. As I previously noted, music has health benefits, it helps cognitive growth, it is therapeutic, and it helps us recall information better.

As Sir Isaiah Berlin once stated, “To understand is to perceive patterns.” isaiah-berlin

Repetition is the backbone to forming new habits. Aristotle once positioned that we become what we repeatedly do, inferring that excellence is not an act, but a habit. Combining all of these thoughts lead me down a rabbit hole towards success, with music playing the soundtrack. However, music is not playing by choice, but by necessity. The reverberations and repetition are physical inoculations that parallel our achievements in excellence.

With hip-hop, drums and loops are essential to the format. Therefore, it only makes sense from a scientific and relevant perspective to highlight some of our favorite instrumental albums we listen to as we achieve our best efforts on a daily basis. The other fun thing about these projects, in particular, is that they are “sample-based.” Meaning, the producer went digging through old dusty crates to find the perfect “chop” to splice into a new creation. The idea of vintage-modern aesthetic is derived from this iconic clash of eras, and these artists are at the top of their class.

L’Orange – Time? Astonishing…

Dibia$e – Baker’s Dozen

Jansport J

Oddisee – The Good Fight (Instrumentals)

Elusive – Headspace