The financial services industry has overcomplicated something that should not be complicated, BUILDING WEALTH. We are here to help you achieve your goals at a faster rate because we know that decisions today shape tomorrows. The pain of ignorance can cost you YEARS of your financial life. Let’s cut through the noise and live in the music. Why wait for the future, we can bring the future to you!

Are you preparing for holiday season shopping yet? In Episode 5, Anton and Nyle discuss economic principles behind “The Wealth Effect,” which measures how wealthy you feel. Ready or not, businesses certainly are gearing up for their busiest time of the year. However, the billion dollar question is, “how exactly do companies predict how much we are going to spend?” As investors, it is equally important we pay attention to these indicators considering 66% of the annual US GDP comes from consumer spending!

:38 Great quote

:56 Topic of Podcast

1:21 Nyle explains why his back is sore

1:38 Anton tees up holiday shopping preparation

1:51 Nyle shares his son’s feedback to his Christmas vacation idea

2:33 Differences between businesses involved in consumer spending

3:02 Anton speaks on percentage of economy that is consumer spending

3:34 Anton breaks down what the “Wealth Effect” is

4:25 Nyle redefines the meaning of the “Wealth Effect”

5:23 Anton talks about walking through the door

5:40 Nyle’s shameless plug, first time since 1999 all three major indices all hit all-time highs on the same day

7:03 Anton gets back on track and breaks down retail consumer spending, Nyle asks for repeat it’s so huge

7:40 Nyle stalls for time as Anton searches for his source *Shameless Plug*

8:05 Anton finds his source

8:38 Anton asks Nyle a trick question

9:02 Nyle changes the podcast to a “Jeweler’s Podcast”

9:40 Anton discusses online sales

9:50 Nyle asks how should investors capitalize on retail sales in publicly traded companies

10:24 Anton discusses University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey

11:27 Anton breaks down the average annual retail sales cycles

12:01 Nyle dumbs down how retail sales get priced into stocks

13:00 Anton circles back to investors buy on projections

13:57 Nyle talks about other market indicators

14:45 Nyle discusses growth in the labor market

15:27 Nyle pairs his chart with inflation rates on specific items

16:35 Anton exposes how to take advantage of information surround the “Wealth Effect”

17:38 Nyle states a NO-DUH! Regarding economic data surrounding gas expenses

18:18 Anton talks beta

19:57 Nyle brings up market cycles and emotional reactions

22:03 Anton and Nyle discuss the corporate earnings recession

23:27 Anton’s *GREAT BIG TAKEAWAY* on how to capitalize on the movement of money

26:12 Anton blanks on $XLY ticker symbol

27:09 Nyle wraps it up rapidly

27:49 Nyle improvises how he and Anton can become the DJ Khaled of Finance Snapchat