The Difference Between Amateur & Professional Investing in 300-ish Words

When Anton and I manage wealth at Up Capital Management, one of the many barometers we follow is the buying and selling activities of institutional and professional investors (typically multi-million and billion dollar portfolios).

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Workflow 5: Our Favorite Posts of the Month!

Podcast – Ep 12, How Technology Is Changing the Way That We Access Our Money with Ram Palaniappan (CLICK HERE)

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Podcast – Ep 12, How Technology Is Changing the Way That We Access Our Money with Ram Palaniappan

Ram Palaniappan is the President and founder of Activehours, a technology company with 46 employees that enables its 200,000 users to access their paychecks on a daily basis. Unlike payday loans and pre-paid visa cards, Activehours does not charge users a fee, but rather asks that they tip based on what they feel is fair.

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Market Analysis: Past, Present… & Future

We have blogged about monitoring identifiers that potentially can provide insight into the future direction and stability of the US stock market.

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The Wealthy & Soon to Be Wealthy

There is an ancient adage that floats around entrepreneurial circles which says, “Your net worth is the average of the five people you spend the most time around.”

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Workflow 5 – Our Favorite Time Traveler Costumes For Duos

My personal favorite time-traveling duo is a classic Halloween costume, especially now that Nike created a real-life version of the self-lacing shoe which Marty premiered in Back To The Future II. Think about it; three movies mean that there are three different sets of costumes to choose from.

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Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast – Ep 11, Excuse Me Sir, Your Bias Is Showing (Pt. 2)

In Episode 10 of the Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast (watch here), Anton and Nyle introduced a two-part series about WHY and HOW smart people make terrible investment decisions.

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The Gig Economy

My business affords me the opportunity to travel a lot and meet people with many backgrounds. This week I was in New York City. My preferred form of transportation is Uber. Uber is a great resource and intricately engaged in the fabricating of public transportation. Their App is simple and scheduling rides are easy.

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Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast – Ep 10, Excuse Me Sir, Your Bias Is Showing (Pt. 1)

The emotional experience of investing can feel overwhelming for most. As the market acts in erratic ways, it’s important to recognize how and why your emotions will affect your decisions. Unfortunately, most investment companies do not explain these concepts to us (why? we’ll never know). However, Anton and Nyle outline each of the most important cognitive and emotional bias’ in a two-part series.

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Building a Credit Score, Things You Wish Your Parents Had Done

In training, a friend of mine and I did a presentation about credit history. I was *shocked* when he shared during the practice demonstration that his credit score was over 800! That’s nearly a perfect score!

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