Marty Mcfly and Doctor Brown

My personal favorite time-traveling duo is a classic Halloween costume, especially now that Nike created a real-life version of the self-lacing shoe which Marty premiered in Back To The Future II. Think about it; three movies mean that there are three different sets of costumes to choose from. If you can pull off having six people all dressed as the variations of Doc and Marty, you will be my personal hero. Send pics and I will post them on our Facebook.

For the original look, you can shop in your closet.


Red undershirt, plaid button up, jean jacket, red puffy vest, blue jeans, Nike shoes.


White doctors robe, a crazy wig, and some Nikes (yes, doc wore Nikes as well!).

Phil Connors & Ned Ryerson

People seem to forget that Groundhog Day is a time traveler’s movie special. To pull this off you are going to need a melancholy Phil Connors (Bill Murray) and a dedicated Ned Ryerson. If the two of you can pull off this dialogue together, it’s almost a guaranteed winner at any costume party contest (at least a finalist)!

Phil Connors:

90s style suit with beige peacoat, stuffed groundhog to carry around with you will seal the deal.

Ned Ryerson:

90s style suit with beige peacoat and a faux fur lapel, top hat, round glasses, and a lack of self-awareness/personal boundaries.

Terminator & John Connor or T-1000

Second to Marty and Doc, this is arguably the most mainstream and easily recognizable pair on the list. The two of you need to contrast each other in physique. I am a thin frame and with one of my buff buddies, we could easily pull this collaboration off.


Although Arnold barely speaks in the movie a killer impression is a must to make this work, as well as a black leather jacket (with bullet holes in the back), black sunglasses, black leather pants, steel-toe shoes, and a lot of muscle.

Jon Connor:

Personally, I think the hair is key, then there is the camo jacket, black Public Enemy shirt, Jansport backpack, thin cut jeans, and some black Jordan 5s (or just black shoes haha).


This one is very straight forward, biker cop costume!

Bill & Ted

To make this one establish itself as a true costume, the personalities are almost equally important. Ask yourself, how committed are you to the costume? If your answer is 100% or better, then this duo is for you and your BFF. Dude, dude, duuuuuuuude.

Ted (Keanu Reeves):

Black long-hair wig (if you don’t already have the hair), a well-worn white tee, black vest, red button up to tie around your waist, black denim shorts with white thermals underneath, red and white sox, and black and white Chuck Taylors dude.

Bill (Alex Winter):

Need short strawberry blonde hair, a blue polka dot button up shirt, white undershirt, gray sweats (paint the upside down red question mark for detail points), and some white Chuck Taylors with red laces dude.

Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken from the movie Click (See what I did there?)

This is the least known on the list as Click may be one of the worst time travel movies ever made. No one knows the actual names of the characters; however, scientists are working on revealing those details any day now. The highlights of the movie occur whenever Walken and Sandler are in a scene together, magic happens. The good news is that all you need is a remote and a friend who can roast you all night in Walken’s voice.

Adam Sandler:

A large disdain for fashion, which includes but is not limited to; a red wind breaker jacket, white button up shirt, blue undershirt, gray sweat pants, old sneakers, and a universal tv remote! It’s crucial that you keep the remote on you.

Christopher Walken:

White button-up, cardigan sweater, goldish brown bow-tie, blue mechanics coat, dress pants, and some well-worn dress shoes. Oh, and some crazy hair.

Runners up:

Mr Peabody and Sherman

This one is for the family! My son and I love this movie and I think teaming up as a family could be really fun!

Austin Powers and Foxxy Cleopatra

I have to come clean here, the only reason I am posting this duo is for SEO purposes. I am sure you can find this costume anywhere costumes are sold! Just remember, NOBODY stands up Foxxy Cleopatra/Beyonce!