Ram Palaniappan is the President and founder of Activehours, a technology company with 46 employees that enables its 200,000 users to access their paychecks on a daily basis. Unlike payday loans and pre-paid visa cards, Activehours does not charge users a fee, but rather asks that they tip based on what they feel is fair.

During our sit down with Ram at his offices in Palo Alto, we discussed:

– Where he was before starting the company


– How he came up with the idea for Activehours


– How he validated that his idea could become a company


– The transition process of leaving his job to pursue the launch of Activehours


– How artificial intelligence processes can empower everyday people


– Life hacks that he uses to achieve company goals, as well as personal goals at a faster rate


– Where he sees the future of financial technology

Make sure to check out Activehours in the Google Play Store as well as the iTunes store.

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