Podcast – Ep 12, How Technology Is Changing the Way That We Access Our Money with Ram Palaniappan (CLICK HERE)


Anton and Nyle traveled to the heart of Silicon Valley to interview Entrepreneur and President of Activehours, Ram Palaniappan. With over 40 employees, 200,000 users, and 4+ million in funding, you won’t want to miss the insights recorded in Episode 12 of the Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast.

Building a Credit Score, Things You Wish Your Parents Had Done (CLICK HERE)


35% of your credit score is based on payment history. Find out what makes up the other 65% in our latest blog Building A Credit Score, Things You Wish Your Parents Had Done by guest writer Jacob Johnson.

The Wealthy & Soon to Be Wealthy (CLICK HERE)


Large American corporations have been in an earnings recession for 6 quarters! From government regulations to prehistoric business models, the reasons for failure are endless. However, new disruptive technologies are finding their fair share of success. 20 years from now, the wealthy will be those who identified the key traits outlined in today’s post!

The Gig Economy (CLICK HERE)


The Gig Economy is likely best represented by the rise of popular ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft. In our latest blog, Anton digs into why people identifying needs and building enterprises to meet them is the foundation and salvation of our future economic success.

Friday 5 – Our Favorite Time Traveler Costumes for Duos (CLICK HERE)


With Halloween just 10 THREE days away, it’s time to lock down those contest-winning costumes! Nyle Bayer has you covered with the top time traveler costumes for a DUO!