When you stop working for your employer you are officially working for yourself! You are your own CEO, CFO, Executive Vice President, Regional Branch Manager, Assistant Manager, Assistant to the Manager (Dwight K. Schrute III), etc. Therefore, we thought it would be great to provide you with our favorite dot-coms that are changing the way that we manage money into highly efficient, fee reducing machines. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters! (quotes are from each companies website)

Debitize is the “debt destroyer.” As well all know, credit card companies would prefer you to never ever ever (ever) pay off your debt. Getting caught in the never-ending cycle of paying monthly minimums can drastically reduce your quality of life later down the road. I spoke with the company’s founder and CEO, Liran Amrany, and he has put together an incredible product. Think debit card meets autopay.

“Save every day to pay off your purchases. With Debitize, your credit card acts like a debit card. Every day, purchases you’ve made are withdrawn from your checking account and set aside to pay off your credit card bill.”

“Give your credit score a boost. Debitize will automatically make additional payments on your credit card to lower your utilization*, the 2nd largest component of your credit score.”

“Pay off your credit card debt on your own terms. No fees, no loans, no applications. In addition to covering your ongoing purchases, we’ll make monthly or weekly payments to get you out of debt.”

This is a comparison tool that will quickly recommend the best checking, savings, loans, credit cards, etc. that are available to you. It’s amazing how much money we can save just by taking a few minutes to compare what we have against what the competition is offering. With online banking and digital finance companies popping up left and right, don’t miss out of the potential savings!

“We pledge to put $1 billion back in the pockets of everyday Americans by making it simple to understand the fine print. We know how the system works, and we use our expertise to guide you in a direction that is smart and sustainable.”

Imagine as something like but for auto insurance. For the past few years I have been hearing of more and more digital auto insurance companies that offer the same coverage, but at much lower rates. Unfortunately, I always seems to forget to write those company names down and when I do a google search the only insurance companies that pop up are the big names. They also have a great blog!

“The Zebra compares quotes from over 200 trusted insurance companies at once — more than 24x your average insurance agent. Our comparison engine automatically simplifies your options by matching you with the best car insurance companies in your area based on you and your needs.” (iOS, Google Play)

We interviewed Ram Palaniappan, President and Founder of Activehours on Episode 12 of the Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast (check it out here). Ram has created a system that allows you to receive your days wage the same day you work FOR FREE. Well, it is only free if you want it to be. See, the company works on a tip basis where you pay what you feel is fair for the service. Up to about 100 years ago, it was against the law to not pay someone following their day’s work. Well, Ram and are bringing that mechanism back into society. Ironically, they are finding that people manage their expenses better when they get paid daily vs. bi-weekly. Did you know that Americans spend more on overdraft fees than vegetables? Well, Ram does, which is why he created an artificial intelligence system that automatically credits your debit account with some dollars so that you don’t get hit with the fee! Very cool! (iOS, Google Play)

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