PODCAST – Ep 17, Gold Is the WORST Investment Ever

Don’t shoot the messenger! Every good investor should do their best to remove their bias, and focus on the cold hard facts. Today, Anton and Nyle discuss one of the most widely discussed investment myths, gold.

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Market Update: Unplugged and Disconnected *Finally*

Considering the robust post-election rally, one would anticipate some level of a pullback as investors rebalance their portfolios. However, strong holiday sales paired with positive corporate earnings reports in January might provide more tailwind to the current market landscape.

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Market Update: DOW ’til Infinity

As if another unlikely event is possible for 2016, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is only 244 points, or 1.2%, away from breaching 20,000. It only took 38 months for the DJIA to double from 5,000 to 10,000 (11/21/95 to 3/29/99) but due to two major market crashes and six years of stagnant growth the DJIA has yet to double again in more than 17 years. The index annualized compounded return of 4.15% (excluding dividends) since Dow 10,000 has challenged even the most patient buy and hold investors.

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Listen: Workflow Workshop

Welcome to the first of many Workflow Workshops, where we will provide small espresso shots of personal finance practicality you can implement TODAY to change TOMORROWS!

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Why Us Equities Care Less About Italy’s Vote

Last week, the S&P 500 was unable to hold onto the gains created during Friday’s trading session. Many perceived the slight selloff as trading fatigue caused by the three-week rally. Others stated caution of the Italian constitution referendum that was voted on Sunday. Although this “no” vote is not on par with Britain leaving the EU, it signals that the country could be following that same trajectory.

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PODCAST – Ep 16, The Problem with 401ks, Dave Ramsey, and Financial Freedom

We have covered a LOT of various topics on this podcast. From misconceptions about Target Date Funds and Risk-Based Funds to investment biases, real estate portfolio curation, and TIME TRAVEL. However, this is our most controversial podcast TO DATE.

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