We have covered a LOT of various topics on this podcast. From misconceptions about Target Date Funds and Risk-Based Funds to investment biases, real estate portfolio curation, and TIME TRAVEL. However, this is our most controversial podcast TO DATE.

Anton and Nyle strive to present both sides of every argument for each topic they discuss. Last week, they were both in Nyle’s office debating the pros and cons of 401ks, personal finance figureheads such as Dave Ramsey, and the emptiness that resides inside the cliche phrase “financial freedom.” They were not considering the thought of recording the conversation as a podcast. However, Nik Boucher, our Creative Content Specialist, said they should do a podcast on the topic as it was a polarizing event in the office.

Anton and Nyle both were nervous about going all-in on the subject. Every podcast needs to be true to their core without reservation, and this topic is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

After some thought, they gave in! So, it is our pleasure to present two Federally Registered Fiduciary Advisors debating the pros and cons of 401ks, whether Dave Ramsey and others are beneficial to recovering America from its retirement savings crisis, and if the term “Financial Freedom” holds everyone back from having a real conversation about money.

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