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In this episode, Nyle breaks down six major topics starting with correlation issues!

1. Correlation chaos in the Equities Market


2. Keys to the Housing Market

Here is a link to the Econoday report regarding the chart below.

construction spending

3. Money Hacks

Here is a link to the study by Nautilus which explains the disconnect between our perception of our current and future selves.

4.Interesting conflicts

Here is a link to the Wired article mentioned during this segment. This is only heating up!

5. The Invisible American

Here is a link to the Gallop article mentioned during this segment regarding the shrinking middle class.

middle class

6. 401 Que?

As mentioned during this segment, we referenced ourselves! Here is the timeless article regarding Target Date Funds as well as Risk-Based Funds. How well do you know your default fund?


7. Reader Response!

Here is a big shoutout to all of our thoughtful readers! Let us know what you think in the comments and we will respond in future podcasts! 


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