nyle bayer, co-founder

Since Nyle was a kid he has been obsessed with the concept of time travel. Studying materials from the likes of Stephen Hawking to Kip S. Thorne, the subject of worm-holes and the manipulation of gravity waves always seemed to be too fascinating to misplace. It wasn’t until his latter career in the finance industry where he realized that money has no concept of time. A life’s worth of fortune can be created or devalued in a single day. Once he became engaged with the everyday worker and realized America is in a retirement savings crisis, it became overwhelmingly clear that education is the only solution as the majority of Americans are underserved. It was then that he decided to team up with his mentor and father, Anton, to create a resource which delivers the secrets wealthy people use to create abundance in their lives at a much faster rate. Currently, Nyle directly manages over $80 million in retirement plan assets with Up Capital Management.

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anton bayer, co-founder

Anton Bayer is the co-founder of Financial Time Traveler. Anton has over 33 years’ experience as a Registered Representative and Registered Investment Advisor and currently CEO of Up Capital Management with more than $170 million in assets under management earning his Certified Financial Planners designation in 1985 at GoldenGate University. Anton is also the co-founder of Harris Bay, LLC, a private equity real estate company with over $130 million in new developments and investments primarily in Texas and California. Anton is the co-manager of RR Productions, LLC, an entertainment private equity company releasing a movie/documentary on Ronda Rousey in 2016. Combined with his experience as a Registered Investment Advisor managing model portfolio accounts for private wealth management clients, he provides a unique blend of skills to assist clients achieve their financial goals and develop investment management strategies appropriate for their risk tolerances. Anton co-authors with Nyle the Weekly Update, a weekly investment & economic focused newsletter for clients of Up Capital Management since 2013 and prior Managing to Retire quarterly newsletter since 2003. Anton authored and released in 2007 the book titled, Exposing the Myths to Achieving Financial Success. Anton has been a frequent guest on regional and national media programs including CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Radio, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Yahoo! Finance, and more.