How the Next 120 Days Can Change Your Life

Walking into the gym this morning there was a sign stating: 4 Weeks You Will See A Change 8 Weeks Your Family Will See A Change 12 Weeks Others Will See A Change Hang In There You Are Almost There! While running on the treadmill, I was contemplating this statement. It was either drawing from […]

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Episode 4 - FB Cover

Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast – Ep 04, Why Aren’t You a 401k Millionaire?

Anton and Nyle discuss the FOUR major components of building a million dollar portfolio through an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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Workflow 5 – Our Best Posts of the Month

Happy Friday! To celebrate our first complete month of blog posts, podcasts, and soon-to-be-released video podcasts, we thought it would be great to re-cap our best posts of the month. If you are new to this website, you will quickly learn that we are not just another personal finance blog.

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Workflow 5 – Music Part Deux

“Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat; repetition is the father of learning.” Dwayne Michael Carter.

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The Curious Case of Pokémon Go and Nintendo’s Market Volatility

Please, have a seat. I want to give you a free ride in my time machine. Ready? *Loud noises* Ok, we are there. The year is 1975, and a young engineer by the name of Steven Sasson walks into work at the largest photography business on the planet, Kodak.

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Are You Feeling Wealthy?

Almost everyone is familiar with the polarizing question Dirty Harry once proposed we ask ourselves, “do I feel lucky?” However, not many people can remember the previous lines spoken by Clint Eastwood as well as the context of the iconic cinematography.

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Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast – Ep 03, Three Rs to Building a Business

How many R’s??? THREE

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401K bLOG pIC

Four Steps to Become a 401k Millionaire

The US stock market is finally getting a breather from one of the worst starts in history. In typical fashion, the dramatic decline is now being followed up with a robust recovery. Since the market bottomed February 11 the major indices have rallied big time as noted below:

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The Brilliance of Entrepreneurship and Human Ingenuity

Last week, I was returning to California from an eventful week of real estate acquisition in Texas. As I patiently waited for my late night flight, I observed a ground crew direct a Southwest aircraft to its designated gate.

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Workflow 5 – Podcasts You Cannot Afford to Miss

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite resource for information is, I thought for a moment, and then quickly was convicted in my answer, podcasts. The world of podcasting has traveled an extraordinary distance since its conception in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

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