Building a Credit Score, Things You Wish Your Parents Had Done

In training, a friend of mine and I did a presentation about credit history. I was *shocked* when he shared during the practice demonstration that his credit score was over 800! That’s nearly a perfect score!

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Workflow 5 – Money Tricks That Save You From Yourself

Happy Friday to all of our Financial Time Travelers out there! I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last #Friday5 post, but I can explain. My Wife gave birth to our THIRD child! Crazy right?!? He is super healthy, and momma is making her recovery in the speediest way, so things are finally going back to the predictably unpredictable daily routine.

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VIDEO – 6 Things Everyone Needs to Know About this Annual White House Report

Nyle speaks! On Monday, the White House surprised the world with their annual report on American income, poverty, and health insurance. Watch as Nyle removes the filler and delivers you the most important highlights straight from the source!

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What You Need to Know About the Latest White House Report

Today, released their annual Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance in the United States in 2015 report. There are six key points they outlined which paint an optimistic picture of the US Economy, particularly for the middle class.

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How the Next 120 Days Can Change Your Life

Walking into the gym this morning there was a sign stating: 4 Weeks You Will See A Change 8 Weeks Your Family Will See A Change 12 Weeks Others Will See A Change Hang In There You Are Almost There! While running on the treadmill, I was contemplating this statement. It was either drawing from […]

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broken clocks

Senate Bill 1234 Makes Grab for Retirement Savings, Whilst Sounding Made Up

On August 31st, California Senators passed SB 1234 (1234, you can’t make this stuff up) legislation to establish a State controlled retirement plan for workers without access to 401k or pension plans by employers with five or more employees. Governor Brown is expected to sign the bill into law this year.

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Episode 4 - FB Cover

Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast – Ep 04, Why Aren’t You a 401k Millionaire?

Anton and Nyle discuss the FOUR major components of building a million dollar portfolio through an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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Workflow 5 – Music Part Deux

“Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat; repetition is the father of learning.” Dwayne Michael Carter.

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Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast – Ep 03, Three Rs to Building a Business

How many R’s??? THREE

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Workflow 5 – Living is Giving, Our Favorite Charities

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie

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