who to trust, bull bears and barometers

Can We Trust Market Barometers?

Listen to this blog post! Investment companies spend billions for their research department to identify risk and opportunities in the stock market. Analysts work fervently studying trading activity, market cycles, and economic trends to determine a repeatable pattern (barometer) that when duplicated can be an accurate predictor of a future direction. In many cases, once […]

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FB Response

Response Video: Gold is the WORST Investment… EVER!

Episode 17 of the podcast has become one of our most controversial episodes to date! It was titled ‘Gold Is The Worst Investment EVER’ and that stirred up some mixed emotions amongst our fans and listeners. So Nyle hopped on Facebook to respond, react, and reassure everyone that gold really is the worst investment ever. Let us know what you think and you may see yourself pop up in next response!

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Podcast – Ep 14, Business As Unusual (Part 1)

We are officially in post-election season! Unfortunately, we shot this on Monday where Hillary Clinton had been the unanimous favorite to win the election, however, Trump successfully surprised the nation! Good thing this podcast is still very relevant as we discuss where we go from here as the nation returns to BUSINESS AS (UN)USUAL.

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Is the Market Buying or Selling This Election?

The election is finally around the corner and not a moment too soon. A recent New York times/CBS News poll stated that 82% of respondents were “disgusted by the state of American politics.”

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Workflow 5: Get Your Bread Right with These Websites

When you stop working for your employer you are officially working for yourself! You are your own CEO, CFO, Executive Vice President, Regional Branch Manager, Assistant Manager, Assistant to the Manager (Dwight K. Schrute III), etc. Therefore, we thought it would be great to provide you with our favorite dot-coms that are changing the way that we manage money into highly efficient, fee reducing machines. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters! (quotes are from each companies website)

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Podcast – Ep 13, Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

We are EXTREMELY excited to bring this very special episode of the Financial Time Traveler’s Podcast! I will be expanding on this topic in a long-form blog later this month, however, here are the show notes in their abbreviated form! If you have any questions or comments, hit that contact us button and send yo

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Workflow 5: Our Favorite Posts of the Month!

Podcast – Ep 12, How Technology Is Changing the Way That We Access Our Money with Ram Palaniappan (CLICK HERE)

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Market Analysis: Past, Present… & Future

We have blogged about monitoring identifiers that potentially can provide insight into the future direction and stability of the US stock market.

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Workflow 5 – Our Favorite Time Traveler Costumes For Duos

My personal favorite time-traveling duo is a classic Halloween costume, especially now that Nike created a real-life version of the self-lacing shoe which Marty premiered in Back To The Future II. Think about it; three movies mean that there are three different sets of costumes to choose from.

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The Gig Economy

My business affords me the opportunity to travel a lot and meet people with many backgrounds. This week I was in New York City. My preferred form of transportation is Uber. Uber is a great resource and intricately engaged in the fabricating of public transportation. Their App is simple and scheduling rides are easy.

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